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SG 21 - 3.0l - Manual Sprayer

by Stihl
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Stihl SG 21 Manual Sprayer - Compact and Efficient for Home and Garden Care [MPN: 4149 200 0030]

Maintain a healthy and vibrant garden with the convenient and user-friendly Stihl SG 21 Manual Sprayer. This compact and lightweight sprayer is ideal for home and garden use, allowing you to effortlessly apply fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides to your plants with precision and control.

Compact Design for Easy Handling and Storage:

  • Lightweight Champion: Weighing in at just 1.25 liters (42.3 fl oz) empty, the SG 21 is incredibly lightweight and easy to maneuver, minimizing strain on your arms and shoulders during spraying sessions. This makes it perfect for extended use or for those with limited upper body strength.
  • Compact Size: The small footprint of the SG 21 allows for easy storage in cabinets, sheds, or garages, ensuring it's readily accessible when you need it.

Effortless Pressurization for Optimal Application:

  • Simple Pump Design: The smooth-running and efficient pump design ensures effortless pressurization, allowing you to focus on applying your chosen solution without struggling with the sprayer.
  • Transparent Tank: The translucent tank allows you to easily monitor the remaining liquid level, ensuring you have enough solution to complete your spraying task without having to constantly refill.

Precise Application for Targeted Results:

  • Adjustable Hollow Cone Nozzle: The included adjustable hollow cone nozzle allows you to fine-tune the spray pattern from a fine mist to a coarse stream, ensuring precise application of your chosen solution for optimal results.
  • Comfortable Spray Lance: The ergonomic design of the spray lance provides a secure grip and reduces fatigue during extended use.

Built Stihl Tough - Engineered to Last:

  • High-Quality Materials: Crafted with durable materials, the SG 21 is built to withstand regular use and the demands of various spraying tasks around your home and garden.
  • Easy Maintenance: The wide tank opening allows for easy filling and cleaning, making maintenance a breeze.
  • Stihl Quality: Backed by the trusted Stihl name, this manual sprayer is a reliable tool for all your plant care needs.

Ideal Applications:

  • Applying fertilizers to promote healthy plant growth.
  • Controlling pests and diseases with targeted application of pesticides.
  • Eliminating weeds with precise herbicide application.

Shop with confidence: We are a proud authorized Stihl dealer, and our experienced staff can answer any questions you have about the SG 21 Manual Sprayer or any other Stihl product.

The Stihl SG 21 Manual Sprayer makes plant care effortless. Experience the ease of use, compact design, and lightweight construction for comfortable spraying. Order yours today and keep your garden thriving!

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