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Now An Authorised Flex Tool Repair Centre

John Deere X730 Signature Series Ride-on Mower (Without Mower Deck)

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NOTE: Price does not include mower Deck

Engine is smooth running and reliable V-twin liquid-cooled design

The 25.5-hp (19-kW) liquid-cooled V-twin engine has a large 45.5-cu in. (745-cc) displacement to provide plenty of power and torque for excellent performance in any operating condition.

Key engine features include:

Liquid cooling for longer engine life; quieter operation and improved fuel economy.

V-twin cylinder design for smoother running and easier starting.

A large 19.7L capacity fuel tank holds enough fuel for extended operation between refills.

54-in. (137-cm) and 60-in. (152-cm) Edge™ High-Capacity (HC) Mower Decks are heavy duty

A deep-deck design of 5.5 in. (14 cm) delivers excellent airflow so material can be processed quickly and efficiently. The deck is stamped from 9-gauge, 0.15-in. (3.8-mm) steel and has welded-on reinforcement at the bottom edge for extra strength and durability.

High-capacity mower decks are formed in a hydraulic press to minimize the number of welds and provide a smooth underside for reduced material buildup.

The high-performance mulching attachment provides excellent mulching performance.

Four-year or 700-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty is standard

An exclusive 4-year or 700-hour (whichever comes first), single-source, bumper-to-bumper warranty* is standard for all John Deere X700 Series Tractors.

Operator station is comfortable and convenient

Seat has convenient tilt-back feature

Two-piece, 21-in. (53-cm) high-back seat, with John Deere branded embroidery, has a thick seat cushion for lasting comfort, even after a full day of use. The back can be angled to maximise operator comfort by using a convenient lever on the side of the seat.

12-V outlet located for the convenience of connecting a variety of electrical and electronic equipment.

  • Standard 37-W halogen headlights provide excellent nighttime visibility.
  • Large automotive-type taillights enhance the tractor’s appearance and safety.
  • Headlights, taillights, and rear work lights are easily operated with a single dash-mounted switch.

Instruments and controls are easy to find and use

The instrument display has the look and feel of a modern automobile. A power-up sequence cycles lights and gauges to indicate they are working:
  • Electronic fuel gauge provides real-time fuel level information.
  • A tachometer graphically displays engine speed.
Twin Touch foot pedals control the speed and direction of travel:
  • Automotive-type accelerator control for easy operation
  • Twin Touch design that allows operator to change direction without lifting foot off platform.

Cruise control is standard equipment.

A foot-operated differential lock supplies positive power to both rear drive wheels for increased traction.

Modern styling has a functional design

John Deere Signature Series are the very best mowing tractors available and can also handle a wide range of other yard care chores, such as snow removal, lawn cleanup, and landscaping work. These heavy-duty tractors include models with two-wheel drive (2WD) and four-wheel drive (4WD), two- and four-wheel steering, and even a model with full-time 4WD and four-wheel steering.

The full-length, welded C-channel steel frame provides plenty of strength to handle heavy equipment:

  • Frame side rails are formed from 7-gauge, 0.18-in. (4.6-mm) steel for extra strength.
  • The front bumper/weight bracket is formed from heavy, 0.375-in. (9.5-mm) steel.

The 4WD tractors use heavy-duty cast and machined front spindle and wheel motor assemblies for durability and long life.

Hydrostatic drive with Twin Touch™ control is easy to operate

Twin Touch foot pedals control the speed and direction of travel:
  • Automotive-type accelerator control for easy operation
  • Twin Touch design that allows operator to change direction without lifting foot off platform.

A transmission oil cooler is standard equipment:

  • Helps keep oil temperatures cooler during high draft-load operations
  • Separate automotive-style cooler to provide increased capacity for the oil cooler as well as the radiator, when compared to an oil cooler internal to the radiator.

Thoughtful designs promote safe operation and convenient service

Interlock switches

The hydrostatic transmission foot pedals must be in neutral, with brake depressed, PTO disengaged, and the ignition key used, before the tractor will start.

Serviceability is convenient with easy-open hood
The one-piece hood opens easily to permit checking and servicing the engine:
Radiator screen pulls out for easy cleaning.

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