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Now An Authorised Flex Tool Repair Centre

Honda HHB25 Handy Blower

by Honda
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We've refined our leaf blowers to make them the best at, well, blowing. High performing, efficient and with choices between petrol or battery power, Honda blowers are the ideal choice for keeping gardens, parks, stadiums and streets neat and tidy all year round.

Honda’s HHB25 Blower is environmentally friendly with whisper quiet operation, low emissions & fuel consumption. With no fuel mixing required, the HHB25 Blower is contractor quality with an anti-suction fan cover, wind velocity of up to 252km/h and a 25cc 4-Stroke engine with a vibration isolation handle.

  • Once you go 4-Stroke, you won’t go back. Unlike its 2-Stroke rivals, the Honda HHB25 Blower runs on unleaded fuel so you’ll never have to mix oil and petrol again. This is thanks to its 4-Stroke advantage, plus you’ll also get premium power and torque so it’s a win, win!

  • Power comes first! The HHB25 Blower offers quick power via a highly responsive accelerator pump, and provides a wind velocity of 70m/sec - that's 252km/h! Along with its air volume of 630m3/h, Honda’s HHB25 Blower will literally blow you away! Optional round nozzle is also available for your specific needs!

  • Blow through those hard to reach areas of stubborn, wet leaves with ease. Honda’s HHB25 Blower has a 360° operation so you can get though any awkward angle without the fuss. Its comfortable and easy operation turns the chore into a hobby!

  • You can now take the headache out of blowing! Honda's engineers have designed the HHB25 Blower with added comfort in the form of a vibration isolating handle with a rubberised hand grip so you can work longer with less fatigue! Plus, it’s lightweight so it’s perfect for commercial applications.

  • The HHB25 Blower draws its effortless power from its GX25, mini 4-Stroke engine with fatigue-free throttle cruise control. With Honda's famous one pull easy start system, the Blower is designed to start first time, every time - year after year after year, for the life of the Blower.


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